Where can I download the SDK from? How can I start developing with it?

Where can I download the SDK from? How can I start developing with it?

To get your hands on the PowerVR Insider Graphics SDK, you need to download the installer for your development OS (Windows, OSX or Linux) from here. Once the installer has downloaded, you need to step through options and select the components you want to download (e.g. target API, target OS etc).

The SDK can be used to write 3D graphics applications for PowerVR-enabled devices or on your development machine using our PVRVFrame PC emulation.

When targeting an embedded graphics API (e.g. OpenGL ES 1.x, 2.0 or 3.0), it is generally a good idea to start developing new applications using one of the PC Emulation SDKs as this allows for a much more rapid build time as well as convenient debugging facilities. Once an application runs as it should in the PVRVFrame emulation environment provided in this SDK, it can then be easily ported to the target platform by changing which version of the PVRshell is used (see “What is the “PVRShell” environment?”). You can then proceed to perform optimizations in your application for your target platform.

Our SDK contains a comprehensive training course which will guide you step-by-step through the API, from the most simple initialisation example, getting your first triangle on the screen, all the way to advanced feature programming.

To begin developing your own applications it is recommended to start with one of these simpler SDK projects and modify it as required.