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can't build the samples of powervr sdk



when I execute the powervr samples opengl es 2.0 I got this error

PVRShell: EGL 1.4 initialized

Exit message has been set to: “PVRShell: Unable to create a context


InitAPI failed!

any idea about this error?

I run it on windows 7 using VS 2010 and my graphic card can support opengl 2.0

thinks to answer me


Hi Aicha

It could be that you have a hardware profile selected which doesn’t support ES 2.0, so the application is failing to create an ES 2.0 context. Can you run PVRVFrameGUI and ensure that “Host” is selected from the dropdown menu and see if the problem persists?




ES 2.0 apps should work with the SGX540 profile, so perhaps the profile information is not being loaded correctly for some reason. Can you confirm that you still have the issue when you select “Host” in the GUI? This will help us determine if the problem lies with the hardware profile or elsewhere.


thanks a lot i choose “host” as a profile and it works and it works :smiley:


when I run the samples which use pvrtools the error was

PVRShell: EGL 1.4 initialized

Exception de première chance à 0x00000000 dans OGLES2IntroducingPVRTools.exe : 0xC0000005: Access violation.

the samples opengl es 2.0 doesn’t work but samples opengl es 1.1 work

thanks to answer me