Help! powervr sdk 3.5 es 3.0 examples run failed but es 2.0 examples works well

I build powervr sdk 3.5 examples with VS 2010 on windows 7 64 bit. When i build examples in es 2.0 folder, it says “libEGL.dll is missing”, so i copy the dll from SDK_3.5\Builds\Windows\x86_32\Lib to project debug folder, then it works well. But when i build examples in es 3.0 folder and have copy the dll, it give an error message “PVRShell: Unable to create a context”. The error is in PVRShellInit::ApiInitAPI[] after eglCreateContext[] return EGL_NO_CONTEXT. I don’t know why this happened? Does anyone has the same problem?

What GPU do you have on your system? It may be that it doesn’t support all the ES3.0 features.

You can also try running the PVRVFrameGUI, and selecting Edit -> Preferences -> Context creation mode = Loose

The GPU in my system is HD Graphics 2500, i have updated the driver to the latest version.
The es 3.0 samples work well after i selected Context creation mode = Loose in PVRVFrameGUI. Thank you very much!!!