Collada2POD creates invalid POD

I have a fairly simple COLLADA file (one mesh and two bones) exported from Blender 2.5.2. Running it through Collada2POD generates an invalid POD file—no errors are reported by Collada2POD, but PVRShaman says “unhandled exception” when I try to open it.

Seems to be a problem with the instance_controller tag on the “Cube” node.

Hopefully someone from Imagination can take a look and tell me a workaround, or perhaps fix the bug for the next SDK release. Here is the file:




Thanks for the collada file. We were able to reproduce the problem and we'll have a look at fixing it for our next release.


The best workaround I can think of is to use our PVRGeoPOD plug-in for Blender, though it hasn't yet been tested with Blender 2.5.2. The current released version has a few known bugs (see but a new version with fixes will be released in the next couple of weeks.





Thanks for the reply, and for looking into that problem.

The Blender plugin isn’t suitable for me yet (I was the one who reported those problems in the other thread) but I’m eager to give the new version a try as soon as it is released.

Thanks again.