Collada2PODGUI and duplicated geometry

I’m using the OpenCollada plugin (for Maya/MAX; both give similar results) to export a sample scene and convert those into a pod-file using the latest Collada2PODGUI for Windows to setup a proper workflow.

The test-scene consists of 4 sphere which I copy-pasted in MAX using the various duplication options (copy/instancing/reference). Copy should create a separate piece (a clone) of the geometry while instance would … well Smile … create an instance of that geometry.

Looking at the exported Collada file I can see 3 separate geometry description and 4 mesh nodes (the node duplicated using instancing links to the original geometry).

However, after converting them to a pod-file and loading them in the iPhone only a single mesh (SPODScene.nNumMesh = 1) is found with 4 mesh node (SPODScene.nNumMeshNode = 4). This is quite unwanted behavior if an artist copy-pastes geometry but then starts altering the individual clones.

I’ll send the sample Collada file to

Just saw this post seems like a similar problem…


The POD exporters (PVRGeoPOD and Collada2POD) don't take into account the instancing information provided by the source data but instead does its mesh instancing by comparing each and every mesh looking for identical meshes. This is why your scene ends up with your sphere being instanced 4 times because every sphere is the same. If the artist alters one of the spheres in Max it will no longer match the others so will get its own SPODMesh.