Collada2PODGUI doesn't start on MacOS

When downloading the Collada2POD stand-alone utility package from here, the Collada2PODGUI utility will not start properly from the MacOS Finder. An empty Terminal session is opened, but nothing else happens.

When downloaded as part of the full SDK (2.07), Collada2PODGUI starts fine when double-clicked from the MacOS Finder.

Is something missing from the Collada2POD stand-alone download package?

Many users just want to use the Collada2PODGUI tool to build 3D assets, and don’t need the full 125MB SDK.



Hi Bill,

As we've been packaging the executables in .zip files it's been stripping them of their executable permission and so they haven't actually been doing anything when you try to run them! You can convert them to executables by using 'chmod 755 Collada2POD' in the correct directory, which will change the file permissions to allow execution. This problem should be fixed in the next release.




Tobias2011-02-04 15:55:23

Thanks for your rapid response, Tobias.


Your suggestion has fixed the problem for me.


Thanks again...