collision detection

I want to use Box2D for collision but I don’t understand how to link between box2D and opengl es 1.1

I mean how to reference the two object 3D which I draw with 3DS max and use it on opengl es for detection their collision for example a wall and car


object are referenced by their position most of the times !!! you just have to proxy your model Object to Box2d shape instance.

Hi Aicha,

In many games and engines, separate geometry is used for rendering and collision detection. The reason for this is that collision detection can be very costly to execute each frame. Reducing the complexity of the objects that are tested for intersections can vastly improve performance. For example, axis aligned bounding boxes are often used for the initial coarse stage of collision detection.

I’ve not used Box2D before, so cannot comment on the specifics of how it works or how it can be applied to a 3D render. This blog post seems like a good overview of the topic though:


Box2d is using standard opengl to execute test case so you can inspire yourself from the existing design no ?

I don’t succeed to find an example of opengl using a 3D object show me how to use it with box2D for collision

for example to on opengl es 1.1 , to refer an object for animation you just draw it between push and pop