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Compiling the PVR SDK on non embedded platforms


Hi Guys,

I’m mainly using the PVR SDK for the POD file format and maybe in the future the shader tools and I was wondering if you have a version of your SDK that I can easily compile on non embedded platforms.

In PVRTools.h it looks like you have this but I cant find this in any of the SDK downloads.


     #include “OGLES2Tools.h”


     #include “OGLESTools.h”


     #include “OGLTools.h”          <---- Where is this?

#elif BUILD_D3DM

     #include “D3DMTools.h”

#elif BUILD_DX9

     #include “DX9Tools.h”


I can get it to compile by hacking at your code a bit but It’d be nice if I could just include this file and define BUILD_OGL.

I hope that all made sense.

In summary I compile for multiple platforms (iPhone, OSX and Win32) some embedded some not and I’d like to be able to use POD files on all of them.

P.S. Thanks for the new OSX tools, well happy with them :wink:


-Craig Rushforth