Integrating OGLESTools in XCode

Hi All,

I have developed 2D games(using OpenGL ES) and application(UIKit) for iPhone.

Now I am planning to learn 3D concepts, so to start with I thought of using “OGLESTools” for loading POD files and rendering them.

I downloaded “SDK_OGLES_IPHONE_2.06.26.0649” SDK from “Imagination Technologies” and I have gone through “TrainingCourse->07_IntroducingPOD” and I got the concept behind it, now I would like to use it in my project. So can any one please tell me step by step process for integrating SDK into XCode :slight_smile:

Note : I only planned to use “OGLESTools” not “PVRShell”.

Thanks in advance,


You could include the library in the same way that our projects do by dragging the OGLESTools XCode project into your won project’s XCode window. You will probably want to examine the preprocessor defines in these projects as they may be needed for proper compilation. Alternatively, you can add the files separately and compile them directly into your own project.

Hi Gordon,

I tried the second method - "you can add the files separately and compile them directly into your own project."

But it is throwing following error :frowning:

Undefined symbols:

“CPVRTModelPOD::CPVRTModelPOD()”, referenced from:

      -[EAGLView initWithFrame:] in EAGLView.o

ld: symbol(s) not found

collect2: ld returned 1 exit status



This suggests to me that the file PVRTModelPOD.cpp is not being compiled into your project. Check that this is in your project list and that it’s been added to the target that you’re building (right click and Get Info on the file and look for Targets). You can also check that it’s being built into the target by expanding the target itself in the project file list and checking that this file is under the “Compile Sources” list.

Hi Gordon,

This is first time I am trying to integrates external sources into my project. Till now I never changed my project source paths. So I am finding difficulty to follow your instructions :frowning:

These are the things that I have done so far

STEP 1 : Copied Tools folder to my project.

STEP 2 : Added “OGLESTools.xcode” project to my project as it is in sample apps.

STEP 3 : Added "USER_HEADER_SEARCH_PATHS = ./Classes/Tools/OGLES ./Classes/Tools"

Thats all I have done so far, is there any thing else I have to do???

Oh - in that case, what you’re missing is the linker path for the OGLESTools library.

Expand your target under the Groups & Files list

Find the libOGLESTools.a file by expanding the OGLESTools.xcode project in the Groups & Files list

Drag libOGLESTools.a to “Link Binary with Libraries” step of your target

I think that’s all you need - post again if it doesn’t work.