context sharing failed


Third paramert of function eglCreateContext is EGLContext share_context
It “Specifies the EGL rendering context with which to share texture objects.
I try to set it to value - previously created context.
And program failed with access violation.

What should i do?

Hi Skeram,

I apologise for the slow reply.

The Khronos specification for this function can be found here:

As described in the ‘Description’ section of this spec, the content you pass in to this function must share the same address space as the newly created context (i.e. belong to the same process). An access violation is likely to occur if you pass in a context that is not within the same address space as the context you are trying to create.

Is this likely to be the cause of your problem, or are you getting this error when attempting to create a new context within the same process?

If possible, you should try to use a single context for your whole application.