controle reaches end of non-void function

i’m using iphone SDK OpenGL 1.1
when i run the SDK Tutorail n° 3 :: all is ok

when i put

“Tools” and
“Shell” and

files inside my own project i got a warning for the “PVRTShadowVol.cpp” file :
Controle reaches end of non-void function

any reason and how fix this ?

thank you

i don’t know the answer
by going to openGL2 SDK
this problem is resolved
i got no warning of this kind



Thanks, this is a bug. The PVRTShadowVol source code is missing support for OGLES 1.1 which we'll fix for a future release. The reason the SDK tutorials work fine is that our OGLESTools project doesn't include the PVRTShadowVol code.