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Could WebGL be added as an Encoding Group/API?



I found your tool PVRTexTool to be very good so far. I am in the process of adding the capability into the Babylon.js WebGL framework of being able to select compressed textures at page load, based on the capabilities of the client / device. Have standardized around the .ktx container format for obvious reasons.

DXT or BC is a valid format for Windows WebGL clients. In the tool, I think, you can just switch to a Direct X group, but not all of the BC’s map to DXT. Direct X names are also not ideal.

My idea would be a to add a WebGL group which would contain all of the items of the OpenGL ES 3 group + those Direct X formats which work, using the FourCC names. There also AT formats that work with WebGL, but not sure what those are.

Basically, all us WebGL’ers want is our own group. Not additional formats.



Hi Jeff,

We are aiming to redesign the ‘Encode Texture’ window in the near future and we will take this feature suggestion into consideration when designing / implementing the new UI.

Kind Regards,


Great,in addition to adding an intelligent texture selection mechanism, I have also done some automated scripts to encode entire directories in multiple formats.{}

I tested these on a full scale scene as well {}

Doing this I found I had to redirect all the output for ASTC, recently community approved for WebGL, to a trash file. It spewed so much output that you could not see how things were progressing. The -shh command did not help, but ironically in all that garbage, it lists a -silentmode argument. It is a little off topic, but perhaps that might help.