PVRTextTool GUI can't open its own DXT textures

Just compressed an image into the BC3 (aka DXT4/5, aka S3TC) format and while PVRTexTool happily generates the image, it won’t open the resulting file afterwards. I’ve tried .KTX, .PVR, and .DDS containers, no dice. I’m on Windows and every other program that uses DirectX features works fine, so I don’t think the problem is on my end.

I’ve checked this with version 4.23.0 and version 5.11.1 and loading BC3 textures works on neither.

By the way, it seems like 5.11.1 crashes any time it tries to display a diff. Pretty big feature to be broken, is this only on my end?

Hi YorickECI,

Thanks for your message.

I’ve tried compressing an image in BC3 and opening it in PVRTexToolGUI with the latest internal version of PVRTexTool and everything works fine.

Please raise a ticket in our support website (https://pvrsupport.imgtec.com/) so I can handle you an internal version of PVRTexTool with the issue solved.

Best regards,

The GUI doesn’t seem to open my BC7 KTX textures on Windows that were built with my own encoder. I thought the Windows build had BC support?

Hi alecazam123,

Could you please attach the BC7 KTX texture that is generating the issue? We’ll take a look at it and come back to you.

Best regards,

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