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PVRTexToolCLI on linux doesn't support BC texture compression.



PVR file format is great. It support three most common texture compression formats: etc, pvrtc and dxtc. As a result I choose it as the only internal texture format of my 3d engine. PVRTexTool of windows version is great too. It can compile most common texture format into pvr texture. However, when I deployed PVRTexToolCLI on linux , I found it could not convert texture into dxtc compression format. I’ve check the format supporting status with “PVRTexToolCLI -help f”. Obviously it doesn’t include bc* format. So maybe I have to comress bc* format with another tool. I’d like to know why and whether the format is going to be supported in the future.


Hi Tom,

Currently PVRTexTool only supports the Block Compression (BC) texture format on Windows platforms, this is because the compression algorithms used for BC are proprietary Microsoft technologies and therefore we cannot deploy the format to other platforms due to licensing.

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I suspect that after 16th of March 2018 it will be possible to add the BC formats to the non-windows versions.