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CPVRTPrint3D , Text wrong Aspect Ratio



 would like to use CPVRTPrint3D to print some text in a viewport (something like 800x200) but, face the problem that the text is stretched to much into the X-Axes.

I tried to fix this by changing the dwScreenX and dwScreenY Parameter in SetTextures(), or the the fSizeX/fSizeY Parameter in SetWindow(), but changing these parameters, does seem to effect how the text ist displayed at all.

I have seen people asking questions about being able to change the font used by CPVRTPrint3D, is this needed in order to change the text aspect ratio?



Hi Manuel.

Take a look at the functions SetProjection and SetModelView. These allow you to pass in your own projection and view matrices allowing for customisation of the output - this should solve your problem.



Hello Arron,

thank you very much! I found setProjection as part of pvrengine::UniformHandler


void setProjection(const VERTTYPE fFOV,
            const VERTTYPE fAspectRatio,
            const VERTTYPE fNear,
            const VERTTYPE fFar,
            const bool bRotate);

But to be honest i try for some time now to use this method "somehow" with no success. I think i just have not enough insight in the povershell framework, but how can/should i use setProjection?  I dont even now where to get a UniformHandler from ( in only found Material::getUniformHandler(), and this gets it from MaterialManager, which receives it as an argument to init() ? from whom? )

Is there maybe an example on how to use UniformHandler?



Hi Manuel.

Apologies, I should have been more clear. I meant the SetProjection and SetModelView methods belonging to Print3D (i.e CPVRTPrint3D::SetProjection).

These functions were added to the latest SDK release (2.9) so make sure you’ve got the latest download.Arron2011-11-18 14:25:00