Cross Compile PVR-SDK with MIPS-64


I was trying the PowerVR SDK examples on my x86 Machine and it works well. However i was wondering if it’s possible to cross-compile them for RISC-V machine with mips toolchain (Linux). I went through the docs and found out SDK comes with a mips_64 cmake file. But couldn’t find it in the SDK.

Can you please help me with this.? Thanks and Have a nice day…


Hi Ravi018,
We do not specifically have a RISC-V cnake toolchain pre-done, but I believe it should be very easy to adapt the ones we have to your suite of tools.

I would recommend looking at SDK\cmake\toolchains and adapt one of those for your compiler etc.

Kind Regards,

Hi Gerryaptis, Thanks for your message.

I’ve checked the SDK Documentation (Build.html) it is specified that, The SDK provides toolchain files for mips32 & mips64 arch’s. However in the SDK\cmake\toolchains directory i couldn’t find the cmake file for mips32 or mips64. Please do help me if there is any alternative to cross compile on mips32 or 64.

Please do help me on this. Thanks.


Yes, since mips is not officially supported any more as we cannot perform any testing there, we do not provide the toolchain files.
However you can get the cmake toolchain files from an earlier SDK release on github. The last version of the SDK that supported the mips toolchains was 19.1, so I would recommend getting the toolchain files from there.

Again I must stress that these are no longer officially supported.


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