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Debug markers in PVRTraceGUI



I just took the updated KHR_debug support in PowerVR SDK 3.5 (PVRVFrame + PVRTrace) for a spin. Thanks for the updates here!

I do get debug markers showing up in my GL stream, but the string is truncated in PVRTraceGUI greatly reducing its utility.

For example, this:

-1, “TerrainRenderer::PrepareTaskBuildingShadows” ];[/pre]

ends up being displayed as:

[pre]glDebugMessageInsert[ 0x824A, 0x8268, 100, 0x826B, -1, “TerrainRenderer::Prepare…” ][/pre]

The string is just truncated so if you need the rest to disambiguate or get parameters that you’ve placed into the string (material name/index, view index, etc.), you’re somewhat out of luck.

It looks like the entire string is being serialized by PVRTrace to the .pvrt file. So is there a way to change how much of the string is displayed in PVRTraceGUI?



I just noticed that I can hover over the abbreviated string names in the GL call trace panel and it displays the whole string. So that’s a good work-around for now. Though it’d be nice to be able to see the full strings in the GL trace panel by default.


Getting a lot of PVRTraceGUI crashes with these trace logs too (SDK 3.5). I submitted ticket 461 with a .pvrt file so hopefully you’ll be able to reproduce there locally.


The string is truncated to avoid potential issues with very long strings. The tooltip will always show the full string, as you’ve found. You could also try using the “File -> Export Data” option, see if that suits you better.

It’s a bit of a compromise, so we’ll take it onboard as feedback, which is always welcome. Thanks!


Thank you!