Does PVRTexTool only support x86

When i compiled a project for ios use xcode, it gave error: warning: ignoring file Lib/libPVRTexLib.dylib, missing required architecture armv7 in file Lib/libPVRTexLib.dylib (2 slices), and in PVRTexTool\Library folder,only x86 libs are does PVRTexTool only support x86,and cannot be used to build ios app. What i want is compressing pvr texture in iphone app at run time,is it possible, how?


PVRTexTool is designed to run on x86 platforms only, you should compress all of your texture assets offline with PVRTexTool on a desktop machine (Windows, Linux, Mac) with an x86 processor. I am not aware of any method to compress textures to PVRTC at run-time on an iPhone.


Sure enough PVRTexTool only support x86, user customize will be very constrained. I found some code compress only pvrtc 4bpp, i will consider use 4bpp, then i can compress in any system.