Drivers for Mistral OMAP 35x EVM boards

We’ve got one of these boards and I can’t find the GLES driver files. We’ve had zoom boards before and these files have come from TI but for the life of me I can’t find the files for this board on the company website so I was wondering if…

A) Anyone else has one of the boards and can tell me were you got your drivers from


b) If I can get them direct from ImgTech??

Many thanks,
Richard e Collins.

Richard, The Graphics SDK is at,


And the Getting Started Guide at,


The OMAP3530 updates (including DVSDK) will henceforth be available at,



Many thanks but the first link just takes me to a form for ordering DSP stuff??

 There was a link on their product page but that link was broken a pointed to an incorrect file. I found a link that did work after googling for the file name. But the driver install did not work until I created an empty file on the target file system. Not when I try to start the drivers modprobe failes to find it’s dependancy file. I need to make sure the kernel matches the filesystem before I move forward. Looking at the downloads I have I 've got ‘OMAP35x_Graphics_SDK_setuplinux_3_00_00_06.bin’ so could explain why the driver is not working on the system. [scatches head].

I’ve done this before with zoom1 and zoom2 no problems, just seems the downloads for this board a little broken. Although saying that the Andriod build they do worked first time.

I feel these systems are better used by Linux pros, which i’m sadly not.

The first form is actually part of a registration process, please update your details and make the request. If you still have issues, send me a message.

Richard - were you able to get the .08 version drivers ?

Yes, they also now come with them already installed into the nfs file system, which is handy. The problem now is that my kernel is incorrect. I’ve got a kernel and so modprobe fails. (I’m guessing a bit here that it is a kernel version  issue)

Some more digging about to do. :slight_smile:

I’ve got it working now using the file system from the 1.0.2 SDk and installing the drivers on that. :slight_smile: Seems I could not find a kernel to match the nfs files system that was in the 3_00_00_08 Graphics SDK. No big deal now it works.