OpenVG library availability?

I have the PowerVR Insider SDKs (ES1.1, ES2.0 and VG) for embedded Linux development on OMAP35xx installed on my Windows host machine (we don’t develop on Linux). I have succcessfully built and linked programs using ES (the library files are available under SDKPackage_xxxBuildsxxxLinuxARMV7Lib) but am having problems with VG as the library files are not provided. The TI website provides a graphics SDK that supposedly includes these files but it is a .bin file targetted at a Linux host and thus I am unable to use them. Do you have the necessary library files or know where I can pick them up easily?


Nevermind - I downloaded the Linux-hosted SDKs under Ubuntu and copied the relevant library files to the corresponding directories under Windows. I can now successfully build and link OpenVG applications under Windows


I apologise for the lack of input on our part. Glad you’ve resolved the issue now though.

We only supply reference drivers to our customers (such as TI), so you need to contact them directly for any issues you have obtaining or using drivers on their platforms.

As far as the TI SDK goes, unfortunately, its usually difficult to resolve these issues without having a Linux machine, dual-booting or running a virtual Linux OS on your Windows development machine.

Keep us updated with any other issues you come across, and I’ll make sure we get in touch sooner next time :slight_smile: