emulation of accelerometer data?

I was wondering whether an emulation of the accelerometer data could be included in the PowerVR SDK for Windows? (I’m thinking of something like holding down the Alt-key and dragging the mouse to simulate tilting a hand-held device in the corresponding direction. There could also be some visual feedback to convey the currently simulated orientation of the device.) (Of course, if the accelerometer data is emulated, the next feature would be to emulate the compass data and then multitouch positions and then the camera video stream etc :slight_smile:

What I understood from previous postings is that the PowerVR SDK should support only the smallest common feature set of PowerVR devices with respect to interactions (similarly to GLUT); but I think the SDK for Windows would be a lot more attractive for developers if they could use it to emulate more of the interaction features that are available on their target platform. In particular because certain ways of interacting are often required for particular applications. Thus, from this point of view the PowerVR SDK for Windows should emulate as many features of different devices as possible. The more features are supported, the more of the development of an application can be done within the PowerVR SDK only. While this can result in platform-dependencies, it might also encourage developers to support multiple kinds of interactions for the same functionality; thus, applications might actually become more platform-independent.

Of course, Imagination Technologies might not have the resources to code emulations for many more features; thus, would it make sense if developers code them and post their results here?

Simple accelerometer support has been addedto PVRShell, but not to emulation as of yet. It's a good suggestion that we will look at for our next major release.

Our initial policy with PVRShell has been, like you say, to give a common feature set that can be accessed across all platforms. With the advent of touch interfaces, often with minimal buttons, this has changed slightly and your points concerning the emulation environment make sense - we'll look at it this as well.

In the past we've not really fed any code back into our SDK from third parties, although I don't believe there is any policy reason for this. If you have changes we'd certainly be interested in them, but we reserve right to reject any code proposed and any code we use would need to be released entirely from copyright etc.

If you just want to help other developers by posting examples then you are most welcome to do so here.

Great, thanks.