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Emulator window not shown



Hi there,

The lastest SDK, all sample and my application does not show when it running.

I’m use Window 7 64bit, VGA ATi 5750, tried in Window XP too, same.

Help me out anybody :frowning:


I’ve filed an issue in our system: BRN32025 and the engineer who works on PVRVFrame will investigate it shortly.



I have the same problem on Win 7 x64 with ATI 5850.
Any OpenGL ES app starts and remains in a waiting state … no window shows up and I have to manually close/kill the process.

Help Unhappy


Hi, just made a post about my problem.

I have the same issue with an ATI Radeon 5870 Mobility, latest Catalyst installed (10.12)

Same code and samples are working fine on my desktop GeForce 8600 GTS.


The fact that we’re all ATI users made me do some tests rolling back to previous drivers.

Using Catalyst 10.7 instead of 10.12 fixed the problem.

Maybe a later version still works fine, need to test it more.

Hope I helped.


I encountered this issue a few weeks ago, this issue was introduced in catalyst drivers 10.11 or 10.12 rolling back your ati drivers to 10.10 will resolve the issue, although this is obviously not an ideal solution.



This is still a huge problem, meaning ATI GPU Users can’t use applications written with PVR SDK without having to source drivers from nearly 6 months ago, I’d appreciate an update on when it’s likely to get fixed.


Apologies for the slow reply.

This is an issue we have been looking into, and the fix will be in our 2.8 SDK release at the end of Feburary/start of March. We will be making an announcement on the forums and to the POWERVR Insider mailing list when it is available for download.




Thanks, the quick reply is hugely appreciated, great to know it’s getting fixed.