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PVRVFrame don't want to show its window




recently I’ve installed latest PowerVR SDK (v2.10) on my Win7 64 + ATI HD 6750 with latest Catalyst driver (v12.3) and try to compile and start one of my projects, but rendering result was very different from what I have on other PC with 32bit OS, older PowerVR SDK and nvidia adaper (it looks like part of my scene doesn’t rendered at all)… Although, there should be some issues in my source code which appears only with new version of SDK. But where is PVRVFrame window? My app and any SDK demo starts without PVRVFrame window. Obviosly, there should be some issue with my PVRVFrame or with my system…

P.S> I’ve tried to reinstall different versions of Catalist drivers, but it doesn’t help.

Tutankhamen2012-03-27 07:05:31


…Tutankhamen2012-03-27 07:05:58


I’ve just tried to install old PowerVR SDK (v.1.32) to my system and I get the same result. So, same SDK and same application work correctly and show Debug/output window on Win7 x86 with nvidia adapter, and works wrong and don’t show Debug/output window on Win7 64 with ati adapter. Any ideas?


Well, there are some new test results:

1. Win7 64 + nvidia - works perfect both with new and with old versions of PVRFrame

2. Win7 x86 + ATI HD5850 with catalist 10.11 - both versions doesn’t work at all, i.e. applicationstart’s but don’t show any window. I’ve tried to start it using dependency walker and it looks like application hangs when it call wglGetPixelFormat function…

P.S.> New version of PVRVFrame is v2.10, old one is v1.32 …

It looks like PVRFrame don’t want to work with ATI videocards properly. Is there any solution or it’s time to buy nvidia adapter?Tutankhamen2012-03-27 07:22:01



PVRVFrame’s ‘debug’ window was removed in our last release so this is why you are not seeing it appear with our 2.10 SDK.

As for the reason why your scene doesn’t render properly I’m not too sure. We have noticed issues with ATI cards and shaders which compute skinning animations, however unfortunately this is an issue with ATI cards and not PVRVFrame.

Best regards.


2:Arron: Thanks for you reply. So, may be stupid question, but why did you remove ‘debug’ window? Is ‘debug’ window still available in v2.9 or I need an earlier version? Where can I download previous version of SDK?

Tutankhamen2012-03-28 03:43:39


Same here can't get PVRVFrame GUI working on 2.10. Tried with both ATI and NVidia GPUs on Win7 x64. I played with this PVRVFrameSetup.exe which as an option to Hide/Show GUI but that did not help.

I guess it's gone then ;)


The GUI was removed as it was decided that the emulator should act more like a graphics driver, i.e. not have GUI elements and other features that a driver wouldn’t have.

All of the debug/error output that was previously output to the debug window is written to a standard output. On Windows with Visual Studio, this information will go to the Output window.


Part of our roadmap for PVRVFrame is for the GUI output to return in some form but to remain essentially separate from the emulator. These days the PVRTrace utilitity will provide a far more verbose and useful report of your API calls than the PVRVFrame output.