Error: Could not initialise the instance function pointers



Hardware Platform :Renesas r-car H3e
GPU Device : PowerVR Series6XT, GX6650
Operating System : Linux h3ulcb 5.10.41-yocto-standard
Supported Display : Wayland display

I ran Vulkan of NativeSDK which is provided by PowerVR in Linux h3ulcb 5.10.41-yocto-standard but failed .


ERROR: Could not initialise the instance function pointers.
Segmentation fault

Hi Sumit,

Thanks for your message and welcome to the PowerVR Developer Forum!

The error you are getting is related to some instance function pointers from Vulkan not being found. Unfortunately we have not tested our SDK on R-Car devices. Please make sure your device supports Vulkan, also you can add some debug code to find out which function pointers are missing.

Best regards,