PVRShaman and PVRTexTool crashed with segment fault

System: Ubuntu 10.04

Error code:

windclose@windclose-laptop:~/Dev/PVRSDK3.0R2/PVRTexTool/GUI/Linux_x86_32$ ./PVRTexToolGUI


WARNING: No declaration found at the start. The declaration will be recreated.

Segment fault (core dumped)

The same error with PVRShaman.

Any replay will help me.Thank you

I have moved your discussion to PowerVR Insider Graphics forum from Meta Insider.


It looks like the preference files are possibly corrupt for these applications. Try deleting the following files and see if it fixes the problem:

~/.pvrconfig/Imagination Technologies/com.powerpvr.PVRShaman

~/.pvrconfig/Imagination Technologies/com.powerpvr.PVRTexTool