Exporting Skinned Animation

I am having trouble exporting and viewing skinned animation.

I can see the mesh, I can see the bones animating when I check the ‘Bone Geometry’ in the export, but I cannot see the mesh deforming.

Export Skin Modifiers is checked, Max simultaneous matrices = 8
Export Matrices = Checked
Animation/Export Controllers = Checked (Static Frame = 0)

I am using PVRGeoPOD_2.03.23.1166, and viewing in PVRShaman 1.5 and using the sample Mallet file that comes with the SDK that is set up with bones and skin modifiers.

Can anyone help?

Cheers Nick

Hi Nick,

Yes, you are right: Currently PVRShaman only supports skinning through shaders.  Our next release 2.4 (Feb 2009) should support skinning directly from the POD file.


Best regards.




So this means if I export with these settings, I should be able to just do


and then when I want to advance the animation I use:


and that should advance the animation frame right? or am I missing something? I did just this and the animations won't play...


- Ricardo

Carlos Sarria, please tell me if the  ChameleonScrene.pod example from your SDK is animated with skinning through shaders? In my 3dstudiomax scene I used bones for skinning, exported everything with all the necesary options, but still can’t make Shaman show me the animated mesh.



The ChamaleonMan example in our SDK uses shaders (vertex_program extension for OpenGL ES1.1).

PVRShaman does not support skinned meshes without shaders, but it will be supported in our next 2.4 release. This new version will be able to animate these POD files properly.

To see how to do skinning without shaders, please, check our training course 'MatrixPalette'.


Best regards.




I am studying GLES with your SDK OPENGLES 1.1.  how can i get the POD files, or which tools can use to get the POD files.

Also how can i import the MAX files. (for example 07_IntroducingPOD in the SDK). Is that i must turn the .BMP or MAX file into .PVR file? (yes, how can i do?)


thanks a lot.

I have resolved all the problems.


Hi Tandhi,


I am glad you solved your problems. Let us know if you have any other issue with our SDK.


Best regards.