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Problems with playing skinned animations



Hello graphics gurus of PowerVR SDKs team,

I have tried a couples of pod files (coverted from dae) with skinned animations that when I put these pod files in the Skinning example (training course), the mesh looks terraible and distorted.

However, opening these pod files in PVRShaman, everything looks fine and the mesh rendered correctly when playing an animation.

So are there some issues with the Skinning sample?

If so, can you provide more reliable skinning animation code as the one implemented in PVRShaman?

By the way, I am using the iOS version SDK and this is the pod file I have used:

Da POD file

Thank you.dapumptu2012-03-08 14:09:56


Hi dapumptu,

PVRShaman is written in such a way to be generic and to handle as many different variations of POD files as possible. The Skinning example, however, is intended to be short and ‘bare bones’ so it’s as clear and verbose as possible. The skinning code in PVRShaman contains many hundreds of lines of code which would not be appropriate for a small training course.

The code in the Skinning training course is only applicable to the POD file which it is supplied with - any modifications or replacement POD files may require the code to be modified.

I hope you can understand our reasoning behind this.



Hi Arron,

Any idea should I work on this problem, for example, using 3DS Max to make skinning animation and exporting it directly to pod files?

Where can I can find further information about playing skinning animation with the SDK?

Anyway can I make my skinned model fit with the SDK?

Thanksdapumptu2012-03-08 14:22:00


You are using matrices for skinning … try to switch to Vector3/Vector3/Quaternion and see if it works.