Skinned Anim Export from 3DS Max.

  I’m using ES1.1 and having trouble getting a CPVRTPODScene to read a file exported from Max (I’ve tried the relevant PVRGeoPOD exporter on Max 2010, 2009 and Max 7!).
 I think I’ve got the export option set correctly. I have Export Geometry / Export Matrices / Export Materials / Export Animation (tried this on and off and with Indexed ticked and not ticked) / Export Skin Modifiers (Matrix Pallette Size 8) / Normals / Mapping Channels / Interleave Vectors / Triangle List(Indexed) / PVRTTriStrip(Sort Vertices) and unsigned byte for bone indices, float for bone weights etc.
The model is using the Skin modifier and only has 4 bones (for a test) added to this skin.
It looks like when it loads in ReadNode the case for AnimPos, AnimRot and AnimScale never get hit? Even though there are keyframes in the file? This then seems to end up with bad matrix data later on. The model works in PVRShaman but I’m stumped when using the ‘Tool’ folder source.
 The one thing that might explain it is that I’m using an older PVR Tool source (not sure which version I’m afraid) but I checked PVRTModelPOD.cpp against the latest and the file format doesn’t look different. It says “AB.POD.2.0” in PVRTModelPOD.h (which is what the latest SDK says too).

Any ideas? :slight_smile:

Actually I seem to have gotten further by unchecking ‘Export Matrices’ and ‘Export Animation’? :o



There was a change made to POD files back in 2.3 which accidently stopped POD files from newer versions of the exporters working with loading code from 2.2 or earlier.  Is it possible that your loading code is from way back then? Is it also possible for you to update your POD loading code?