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I am trying to get SRGB working with PVRTC compression.
If try to load a PVRTC compression with SRGB format using the PVRVFrame libraries, the image is appearing more pastel(Brighter) , rather than darker, i feel that the PVRVFrame library is decoding the compression wrong before uploading, if i decompress the texture manually(PVRTools) and then upload it i get correct output.

Some clarification on the PVRTC sRGB format would be welcome.



Hi Ganesh,

Thanks for reporting the issue. I’ve filed this in our bug tracker as BRN55077. The PVRVFrame lead has identified and fixed the issue in our MAIN branch. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to backport the fix for our imminent SDK 3.5 release. The fix will be included in a future update to the 3.5 SDK.