faces and vertexes over UV

there is a simple situation where two sides of the cube exists ( joined by one side ),
so - 1 mesh, 8 vertices, 4 faces , 1 UV ( as by Shaman report from .pod )

(3D tool/Maya says about 6 vertices, 4 faces and 8 UVs - but this is not a question yet :slight_smile: )

it looks that:
- 8 vertices ( as by UV need ) in the verticies list but have 3D coords duplicate , where UV are looks ok.
- description of the faces , which is obviously 3 indexes for triangle vertices - might contain
not three diff coords but sometime refer to the 2 3D coords - which cause some issues for me
and further processing ( sure, outside of OpenGL calls )

- any good dump tool for .pod, beside Shaman ? Command line would be great
- How to translate description of the faces into triangle vertices properly?

Pretty sure that simple point, could find the proper rules to handle faces list into vertices…

thanks you! 

solved by looking up at PVRTModelPODReorderFaces

PS funny that not used but became useful :slight_smile: