Failed to compile shader errors on Samsung I8910

I managed to build and deploy the Demos (see below how) for my I8910, but the shaders won’t compile when running the demos. For example, when running the skybox demo I get:

"Vertex Shader compile: error in file ‘effects.pfx’: Failed to compile shader: Compile Failed. Error o:33:43 invalid nu…"

Any ideas? Google turns up very little. Maybe the .pfx file is not really included at all?

System info:

   Samsung I8910 version: I8910XXIE4 dated (18.05.2009)

   S60 5.0 SDK v1.0

   Power VR SDK version:

And for those wondering why the SDK don’t work out of the box, here is a small howto:

Getting the SDK running with an I8910:

1 - install S60 v5.0

2 - install the PowerVR SDK (change path to a short one!)

3 - install the missing .lib files found in this .zip in your EPOCROOT

Hi Espenr,

This is a bug that has been identified on the S60 platforms and it is related to the language you have selected on your platform: Anything different than English will cause the shaders compilation to fail. I believe this problem will be solved in a future firmware release but, for the moment, to workaround this issue, please set the phone language to English.

Best regards.