FILEWRAP - can we compile to assets for dynamic linking ?


I want to know if assets can be compiled to files which can be loaded during runtime. Whats happening is the assets size is increasing and development time for each iteration is also a drag. Major problem is the .POD files followed by .PVR files. I want to load these runtime. If you have solution please suggest with some code sample !! Very much appreciate the effort !



Is there any reason you can’t load the raw files (POD, PVR etc.) from the target’s filesystem instead of Filewrapping them? I think this would be the best solution.



Somehow I was thinking filewrapping was the only way.

I simply uploaded the content to the phone filesystem and whoola… it works !! :smiley:

Thanks !!


Loading the pod from the filesystem is of course independant of the sdk and sure it s platform specific.

The PVRShell containt all the abstraction method needed to find assets and it’s working super well on any plateform.

i believe that the PVRSHELL abstraction provide the solution and it define already the default loading path for loading assets.

kind regards