generate pod file


I use thd SDK of version OpenglES 1.0,  I generate pod file from Max file. My question is  why the Pod file I generate is different from the pod file in the demo's.  My pod file is bad and not valuable.   For get the reason, I translate the max provided by the demo to pod file,  and instead of the existing pod file in the demo.  The resault is different ,  who know the reason, help!!




when translate the max file to pod file .how to select the options. eg. I have tranlated the OGLES-1.0_WINMOB5_POCKETPC_ARMV4I_CL_2.02.22.0756DemosOptimizeMeshMediaSphere.max to pod file,  and its size is 270K, however OGLES-1.0_WINMOB5_POCKETPC_ARMV4I_CL_2.02.22.0756DemosOptimizeMeshOGLESSphere_fixed.pod is just only 176K.  



If you point the pluging to the original file in the SDK (overwrite), the plugin will pick up the same options that were in that original file.


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