how to create the POD file on earth

 Hi all,
    i have translated the 3Dmax FILE given by sdk to .h and .pod format;however, it is not the same as the sdk self’s. Such as my .pod file is more than 270kb but the sdk’s counterpart 

is just only 176kb. i have tried to select  much less options , but also it is bigger; at the same times, my .h file’s kinds of structs are not the same as what i get from the 3DMAX tool;
   Then i want to kown, the sdk’s .h and .pod files for opengl es 1.0 and 1.1 are from the 3DMAX tool, if that, why the .h file’s most structers items are NOT the same as mine; if NOT, what on earth the tool to translate the .MAX to pod/h is!!!
   Another problem is that the pod files i get from 3DMAX can apply to the opengl es1.1 version ,however, it is wrong at the 1.0 version using the same method;
  PS: i know the 1.0 version is based on the fixed number, and i have selected it when being translation!!!

   Any help for appreciation!!



Sorry for the delay getting back to you. If you point the plugin to a POD file from our SDK it will open the dialog window with the same options than on that file. This will give you an idea of the options used when exporting the files in our SDK.

We have specific OpenGL ES 1.0 SDKs in our web site. Are you using any of these?