How Can export right POD files

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  please help me ,  In the PowerVR sdk  ,in the 11_StencilBuffer  example,I change the pod file ,but there is  a error , I  export the Sphere.max(it is in the  Media packge) to Sphere.pod(36.2k----60k) ,but it is not as big as primary  Sphere.pod  (72K),  Please  help me  !!!!!  It used my  much time !Cry





The examples in our Training Course are very simple so they expect the data from the POD file in an appropiate format. To be able to have the exact same options when exporting your model I would recommend you to take a copy of the original POD file from our SDK and point to that file (overwrite) when saving your file. PVRGeoPOD will load the options from that file allowing you to use the exact same options that were used originally.


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