getting PVRShell: Unable to create a context in my visual studio 2008 project after upgrading to 3.0


I have visual studio 2008 and after upgrading to SDK 3.0 I am getting ( m_iRequestedConfig =0 in PVRShellAPI.cpp)

PVRShell: EGL 1.3 initialized

Exit message has been set to: "PVRShell: Unable to create a context

InitAPI failed!

I assume all your compiled dll’s and lib’s are with visual studio 2010 and do you think this might be the reason ? see this

If so, is backward compatibility with VS2008 deprecated ?


It’s likely that it is to do with this - the shell has to use the windows API to create a window, and PVRVFrame needs to use this handle to interact with OpenGL/WGL. As VFrame was created with VS2010, it’s entirely possible that this cross communication is failing.

We’ve also seen this occur if you have another vendor’s OpenGL ES libraries installed, and they are in your system path or C:/Windows/system32/, as they assume different things about context creation.



So, is the solution to upgrade to VS 2010 ? Can you confirm if VS2012 works fine, as we would prefer to upgrade to the current best version !!


Hi Mkandula,

Using 2012 directly is unlikely to work, but you can install the 2010 toolchain to work with VS2012, and that should work correctly. We haven’t done extensive testing with this configuration, but it seems to work from what we’ve done so far.



Hi Tobias,

I have finally installed Visual Studio 2012 and the PVR SDK. VS2012 confirms to update the project to use the 2012 compilers and then the samples work just fine !!

Thanks for the help !!