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gl_nv/ext_framebuffer_blit support on ODROID-XU?


I’m solely targetting the ODROID-XU for my project. I notice that your GLES drivers export a glBlitFramebuffer function that can be used, but it doesn’t show for supporting the extension.

It’s evident that it doesn’t support the extension by disassembling the glBindFramebuffer function and seeing that it only checks if the first argument is GL_FRAMEBUFFER, if not throwing the typical error.

Is there any way that you guys could quickly push this extension to the HardKernel guys via a updated DDK? This is a OpenGL ES 3 feature that is a hard requirement of my application.

Since I know you guys are all about trying to cram as many OpenGL ES 3 features in to your drivers, I figure this would be a good one to bring up. Seeing as my Appliation is one of the very first OpenGL ES 3 applications actually pushed to the Android play store, I hope you can do this so I can thoroughly benchmark my application on PowerVR hardware.


For the benefit of anyone else reading this discussion, the feature request was submitted here.




For the benefit of anyone reading this discussion since one can’t post on the feedback page once the issue is closed.

So much for IMGTec supporting as many OpenGL ES 3 features as it can.

Hopefully the driver team didn’t go out of their way to not support this OpenGL ES 3 core feature on the PowerVR6 hardware. Since apparently it serves no purpose.