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glBlendEquationOES 0 pointer from eglGetProcAddres



Hi all,

I’ve tried to access from the latest windows’ opengles 1.1 sdk to some gles extensions but for some eglGetProcAddress return a valid pointer but for others it return always NULL. I’ve tried using different Hardware Profiles from PVRVFRAME with no luck.

More precisely I’m tring to retrieve those functions:
    glBlendEquationOES = (PFNGLBLENDEQUATIONOESPROC)eglGetProcAddress(“glBlendEquationOES”);
    glBlendFuncSeparateOES = (PFNGLBLENDFUNCSEPARATEOESPROC)eglGetProcAddress(“glBlendFuncSeparateOES”);
    glBlendEquationSeparateOES = (PFNGLBLENDEQUATIONSEPARATEOESPROC)eglGetProcAddress(“glBlendEquationSeparateOES”);

and they’re always NULL. They are listed as supported from the extension list (ie GL_OES_blend_func_separate and GL_OES_blend_equation_separate are present) but I can’t get the address of the functions.

Is there a bug on the emulator library?