Problem with glBlendEquationOES

I am trying to enable that extension but whatever I do, or whatever profile I select from the PowerVRFrame its always NULL…

Here’s my code:

First I try with: GL_GLEXT_PROTOTYPES and I got an error that glBlendEquationOES is missing…

Then I try with:


And glBlendEquationOES is always NULL and my App crash…

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated here… cuz Im really stuck!




Thanks for your report. Indeed implementation of OES_blend_equation_separate extension for GLES1 is missing although it is exposed in GL_EXTENSIONS string. This is a bug in PVRVFrame (BRN# BRN30839) . It will be fixed in our next release

A somewhat related question … .any chance of having OES_vertex_array_object included in PVRVFrame ?


it will be implemented in some of the next releases.

The release that has just gone live (2.7) has the glBlendEquationOES issue fixed.

The extensions are only available under SGX profiles - please see the documentation for PVRVFrame for how to select these.