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glColorMask support (pc emulation)



i’d like to use glColorMask on a opengl es 1.1 application, however it doesn’t seems to do anything

( i 've done some tests on a “standard” pc opengl app and it works fine )

Is the function glColorMask is supported on opengl 1.1 pc emulation?

Is there some restriction ?

thanks you for your time


There are certain limitations regarding the use of colour masking in some hardware.

However the intention is that such limitations should be applied depending on the hardware profile chosen for PC emulation. The fact that glColorMask has no effect at all is a bug which we hope to fix for the next SDK release.

Thank you for reporting this issue. We’re tracking it with the reference BRN27735.



could you tell me when the next sdk will be released?


We release every six months so the next one should be later this summer.