glCompileShader failed if eglcontext create twice

hi,dear admin:

  i don't know if it's a bug when i use the sdk as a special way:

  for emulating the main(only) window destroy and glcontext&res recreate event ( which is very often in phone ),  i made my win32 window destroyed and create another one a few seconds later, then create the egl display/context/surface/res as usual as in the 1st time, all the creations succeed, but glCompileShader failed, with any simple test shader script.

  it's very strange that sometimes there's no error, but sometimes there is.

  is my usage a wrong way, or it's a bug of the emulator?

Hi Wellbye,

We are aware of this bug and we are working to fix it for our new SDK (3.0). It will be release very soon.

Thank you for your post.