GLES Hanging after loading 64 textures


In my application I'm loading a bunch of textures and right after I load the 64th OpenGLES 1.1 stops being responsive.


The textures load error free, however the next swap I do fails, and glGetError() is returning error code 0.


I'm quite stuck, and frustrated.


The 64th texture is fine, I can arrange the textures in any order or even repeat load the same one and as soon as I hit the 64th-- *boom*  opengl crashes witho no error information.


Any information on this?

btw I am using the windows emulation of gl es 1.1

What graphics hardware and OpenGL drivers are you using?

I’m using the powervr sdk/libraries downloaded from this site.

Our OpenGL ES PC Emulation uses the OpenGL driver/hardware of the machine it is running on. We need to know what graphics hardware and driver you are using to be able to help you.