Hi, I’m getting glGetError() number 0x500 when I call glShaderSource() on first vertex shader my program makes. All the other vertex shaders are fine after this one. I can’t ignore the error as the attach fails on the program object later on.

If I call glShaderSource() on the same source again, I get no error.


     VertexShader = glCreateShader(GL_VERTEX_SHADER);

     glShaderSource(VertexShader, 1, (const char**)&ps, NULL);

        glGetError(); <<< returns 0x500

     glShaderSource(VertexShader, 1, (const char**)&ps, NULL);

        glGetError(); <<< returns no error.

Anyone know whats going on?

The vertex shader itself can be as simple as void main( void ) {} and the error still occurs.




thanks for report. Could you please send as narrowed example that will help us to reproduce the problem? if possible please send it to


Have you checked that the error is not caused by an earlier GL call? 0x500 is GL_INVALID_ENUM, which should never happen with glShaderSource.

I’ve found that particular error. It was caused by calling:


instead of


This produces less than helpful errors when glShaderSource is called. Ideally this should not happen.

I have some other errors that seem odd too, I’ll take a look at them when I have a moment.

glGetError is called before any routines I’m testing in order to remove any previous errors.



Thanks very much for you investigation of that problem. We will look to that

I’m also getting error code 0x502 when calling:

// FBO is my framebuffer object, not the default one.



glGetError returns 0x502 here.

Thanks again.

Sorry to be a pain, but I appear to be getting problems all over the place:

          GLuint myfb;

          GLuint Surface;








          GL_ERRORCHECK; << I GET ERROR 0x500 here.

I’ve tried just GL_STENCIL too.

Is there any time scale for getting these issues addressed?

Many thanks,



The issues you have pointed out will be fixed in next release which is scheduled for August 2010.Â

Many thanks for your feedback,