glShaderSource error



I have an error(INVALID_ENUM) when I call glShaderSource after glGetBooleanv( GL_SHADER_COMPILER ).

If I skip the glGetBooleanv I have no error.

Can anybody tell me why it occurs?


glGetBooleanv( GL_SHADER_COMPILER, &has_compiler );

const GLenum ogl_error_code1 = glGetError(); //this is successful

glShaderSource( shader, 1, &src_code, &src_len );

const GLenum ogl_error_code2 = glGetError(); //this returns INVALID_ENUM


//doesnt have error

/*glGetBooleanv( GL_SHADER_COMPILER, &has_compiler ); */

glShaderSource( shader, 1, &src_code, &src_len );

const GLenum ogl_error_code = glGetError(); //this is successful



I’m using WINDOWS PCEMULATION running on Windows XP sp3.


This is an unproper error generated by glShaderSource that is related to glGetBooleanv . It will be fixed in a next release. Thanks for information

Im looking forward to see it thanks