glProgramBinary fails


I am trying to use glProgramBinary and glGetProgramBinary on a compute shader, with OpenGL ES 3.2 build 1.10@5371573

I can successfuly obtain a buffer from a successfully Linked & Validated program through glGetProgramBinary.

But when I try to use glProgramBinary, with the buffer & length & binary format value I just got from the first function.
The program GL_LINK_STATUS is set to false, and the info log tells:
Unpack program binary error: could not load corrupt binary data

As expected:
The supported extensions includes: GL_IMG_program_binary, and GL_OES_get_program_binary

I’ve also read about *OES functions here GL_IMG_program_binary (
So I’ve also tested with both glGetProgramBinary/glProgramBinary and glGetProgramBinaryOES/glProgramBinaryOES but still got the same error.

Could it be related to the program containing only 1 compute shader and no other types ?

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Hi Antoine,

Thanks for your message, I will look into the issue you are having and try to reproduce it. I will come back once I have more information.

Best regards,