GLSL shader compiler failure for valid source


some versions of the PVR Series6+ OpenGL GLSL driver (e.g. on Xiaomi Redmi 6A) seem to have a compiler bug/issues with code like:

vec3 view_dir = normalize( - _50.viewMatrix[3].xyz);

Results in “compile failed”.

Rewriting the line by wrapping the row in vec4(…)

vec3 view_dir = normalize( - vec4(_50.viewMatrix[3]).xyz);

Results in “compile success”.

This is reproducible with PVRShaderEditor by selecting “PVR Series6+” profile with the shader below.

#version 300 es

struct RSInput
    vec3 position;
    vec3 normal;

struct RSOutput
    vec4 position;
    vec3 normal;
    vec3 view_dir;
    vec3 wsposition;

layout(std140) uniform RHI_ParamBlock3_VS_C3
    layout(row_major) mat4 localTransform;
    vec4 clipPlane;
} _32;

layout(std140) uniform RHI_ParamBlock1_VS_C1
    layout(row_major) mat4 viewMatrix;
    layout(row_major) mat4 projectionMatrix;
    layout(row_major) mat4 viewProjectionMatrix;
    vec4 viewportParams;
    vec4 cameraPosition;
} _50;

layout(std140) uniform RHI_ParamBlock2_VS_C2
    vec3 materialColorDiffuse;
    float materialOpacity;
    vec3 materialColorSpecular;
    float materialShininess;
    float materialShininessStrength;
    float materialReflectivity;
    float materialRefractIndex;
    float padding;
} _111;

layout(location = 0) in vec3 input_position;
layout(location = 1) in vec3 input_normal;
out vec3 vs_output_0;
out vec3 vs_output_1;
out vec3 vs_output_2;

mat4 spvWorkaroundRowMajor(mat4 wrap) { return wrap; }

RSOutput _main(RSInput _input)
    vec4 pos = vec4(_input.position, 1.0);
    pos *= spvWorkaroundRowMajor(_32.localTransform);
    vec4 local_pos = pos;
    RSOutput _output;
    _output.wsposition =;
    // this fails with plain "compile fail"
    vec3 view_dir = normalize( - _50.viewMatrix[3].xyz);
   // wrapping mat4 _50.viewMatrix[3] row in vec4 leads to successfull compile:
   // -> vec3 view_dir = normalize( - vec4(_50.viewMatrix[3]).xyz);
    pos *= spvWorkaroundRowMajor(_50.viewProjectionMatrix);
    _output.position = pos;
    _output.normal = normalize((vec4(_input.normal, 0.0) * spvWorkaroundRowMajor(_32.localTransform)).xyz);
    _output.view_dir = view_dir;
    return _output;

void main()
    RSInput _input;
    _input.position = input_position;
    _input.normal = input_normal;
    RSInput param = _input;
    RSOutput flattenTemp = _main(param);
    gl_Position = flattenTemp.position;
    vs_output_0 = flattenTemp.normal;
    vs_output_1 = flattenTemp.view_dir;
    vs_output_2 = flattenTemp.wsposition;
    gl_Position.z = 2.0 * gl_Position.z - gl_Position.w;
    gl_Position.y = -gl_Position.y;

Hi youaresoomean,

Thanks for your message, we’ll review the issue and come back to you shortly.

Best regards,

Hi youaresoomean,

Could you let us know the driver version on the device?
This can be queried using the following command in the adb shell

sudo cat /sys/kernel/debug/pvr/version


Hi Dihara,

  • Driver Version: Rogue_DDK_Android rogueddk 1.9@4971894 (release) mtk_android
  • Device Name: RGX
  • Rogue Version: (HW)

As mentioned above - compilation also fails with the PVRShaderEditor tool (latest version, windows 10).


Hi youaresoomean,

Thank you, we will pass this on to the compiler and tools teams.


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