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GLUT or PowerShell


Hi all,

OpenGL ES does not take user input or does not do any window operation so it uses GLUT for these interaction I wanted to understand that is GLUT and Powershell both stand for the same reason ? Are they substitute of each other ? Or they are unique in themself ? If they are then how ?

Please kindly clearify.

Thanks in advance.


PVRShell does some of the things that GLUT does, but is different - you couldn’t directly copy and paste code that uses GLUT to PVRShell, but with a little work you could probably port the code across.

PVRShell was written by POWERVR from scratch and so the licence on the source code is the same as for all our source. GLUT has a different licence.

GLUT is only available for OpenGL APIs, whereas PVRShell also supports non-khronos APIs like D3DM; There is a version of PVRShell for every platform that we support, whereas there may not be an existing GLUT implementation.

There are functionality differences between the two as well.

GLUT information is here:

A lot of this seems very old (c2000).


Thanks Gordon your reply is very helpful for me. I also want to know if there is any powervr family which takes decoded video and interacts with opengles may be act as input to it.


Please see the answer I’ve given to you in the other thread: