Graphics Card



I am migrating from OpenGL 1.x SDK to 2.0 SDK. I have an old motherboard P4M800PRO-M which does not have  PCI Express. Please suggest a suitable graphics card based on PCI (and not PCI Express) supporting OpenGL 2.0.

Suitable PCI graphics cards are pretty rare and hard to find. There is a Geforce 6200 from PNY and a Radeon X1300 from VisionTek, but these are the only ones I’m aware of.

Thanks for your reply. Found two more from VisionTek: HD2400PRO & X1550.

I would recommend you upgrade your mobo/gfx at the same time. There are unexpensive solutions that will give you much more power and flexibility. You do not want to be limitated by your hardware. Hardware is pretty cheap these days.
DDd2008-07-19 09:18:00