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Hi xmas,


I would like to build and run virtualGL ( in a processor that has an embedded PowerVR MBX lite GPU.

I don't know much about X11, GLX, etc, but what I've understood is:

-The GPU should support pbuffers.

-I need a PowerVR driver for the X11???  

-Cross compile X11.

-Cross compile virtualGL.

I'm afraid of the drivers parts, X11 acceleration drivers are a problem in linux (no src available), and try to run X11 in embedded processor is pretty new and more with accel.

What do you think? it is possible?


Thanks in advance,






POWERVR MBX Lite supports OpenGL ES 1.1 and EGL, but not OpenGL and GLX. In theory something similar should be possible, but it would require access to the driver source which is not available.




Hi.  Mr. VirtualGL here.  The requirements you state are only for the VirtualGL server.  I don’t know much about PowerVR, but it appears to be to be mainly designed for mobile devices, so I would think you’d be mostly interested in getting the client to work … and, more specifically, the TurboVNC client and not the VirtualGL client (the VirtualGL client is only designed for workstation clients with X servers running.  TurboVNC is a more appropriate solution for mobile devices.)

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding what you’re trying to do, though.  If you’d like more specific guidance, please contact me directly: