Greyed out counters

Hello Experts,

To keep it short

Operating System QNX

Server Description PVRPerfServerDeveloper v14.150
Server Build 20.225880259
Driver 1.7@4887108
Device Variant PowerVR GX6250
Device Series PowerVR Series6XT

Many of the counters are greyed out
Group is 1:Compute

The most important counters that interest me are GPU memory all of them are greyed out.
There are also others like output pixels per second that are greyed out.

Why are the counters greyed out (not accessible)?
How to enable them?

Thank you in advance.

Thank you

Hi amolbc,

Welcome to the PowerVR Developer Forum!

Many thanks for your message, we will look into this issue and come back to you with an answer.

Best regards,

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